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About Ronak Gajjar

Intuitive Healer. Spiritual Mentor. Life Coach.

Ronak is a 32-year software engineer-turned-yogi shedding light through 20+ healing modalities and transforming the lives of more than 1 million ‘spiritual-finders’ globally.

A Master Yoga Teacher, Ronak has been teaching yoga over a decade now and has taught over 100,000 clients in India & Dubai. With many workshops an yoga retreats to his credits his emphasis has always been that his students have an enriching experience of Yoga & Meditation in every session they attend.

  • Holistic Wellness & Meditation Coach since 10 years
  • Have Served more than 6 million people
  • Have more than 1000 Hours Meditation & Yoga Certifications
  • Trusted by 1000’s of Clients 


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