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Tantra is one of the most ancient powerful healing that is practiced across the globe.
This is a sacred practice that incorporates the essence of energy within one and also touches deepest layers of and aspects of human being. Tantra heals not only on emotional level but also enhances ones spiritual journey.
Tantra healing not only helps in recreating new energies into your body but with proper breath work one can tap into their potent sexual energy power and create a powerful energy force that rejuvenates ones energy bodies plus helps in integrating body mind and soul. Tantra healing also helps awakening of kundalini energies which empowers one on spiritual journey.
In the past you might be a victim of sexual abuse or gone sexual assault which has impacted your mental & emotional body, and due to this you might be going through lot emotional pain & trauma. This can impact your relationship or marriage big time. Whether it is male or female both some where are victim of some abuse. Many fear to get intimate as those wounds or pains come up which makes one withdraw from intimacy.
Some wounds are too deep, and with tantra energy work one can release all the pains and trauma from all levels. You also release blockages from your energies centers that impacts your present life. One can also rejuvenate their sexual life with their partners. It helps in balancing both our inner masculine and feminine energies.
 If either is imbalance that too impacts an individual like either you are too controlling or aggressive or you tend to be people pleaser or you are over giver and unsupportive to your loved ones. Thats why our YinYang energies has to be balanced and with the help of tantra healing one can do so.
I am Holistic Healer, Tantra Energy Healer, Wellness & Meditation Coach. I also undertake personal and couple healing sessions. I am here to help those who wish to help themselves. If you are looking for guidance you can connect with me through email .
~Ronak Gajjar
Email:- ironakgajjar@gmail.com

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