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From Ronak Gajjar, world-famous Intuitive Healer who has transformed the lives of 1 Million spiritual seekers globally.

1:1 Coaching Leads to Transformation

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What your Online Coaching Include :
Powerful BREATH-WORK Exercises
Workbook to Measure your PROGRESS
Online Email Support

Discover How 6 Million People Improved Their Brain Function, Mental Clarity & Achieved Mental Wellness By Mastering
The Art Of Meditation & Spiritual Coaching With Ronak Gajjar

Kristine Zedek
“Ronak gave me a few rituals to follow and after a couple of sessions, I was simply blown away! It is absolutely amazing! I was able to feel the difference, see the difference, and manifested a few things that I wanted to! I had to clear up my energy. Thank you, Ronak”

Kristine Zedek​

Actor and Communications Coach

Smilie Suri
“I felt my energy levels shoot up with just one meditation session with Ronak. I used to feel drained out and was running low on my energy levels so I was amazed that my energy levels shot up after just one meditation session.”

Smilie Suri

Model & Actress

“I was able to go through a massive transformation. The questions which lay deep within me were answered and I felt a deep sense of calm and peace after Ronak provided here different healing techniques.”

Yashvi Shukla

Dance Movement Therapist

“I felt my power was given back to me not after the course but during the course itself. I felt as if I have found myself back and I now have more belief in me!”

Ronak Sharma


Unlock 3 Bonuses Worth $500 Dollars

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Guided Meditation Secrets To Sleeping Well

Discover secrets to sleeping well. This bonus is worth $150 and if you enroll for this session, you get it for free.

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15 Min to Boost your Energy Worth $200

Get a the video lesson boost energy levels with Ronak Gajjar.

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21 Powerful Affirmations Audio

Most powerful affirmations audio track download to keep you on track. Start manifesting your dreams into reality. This bonus is worth $150.

Ronak Gajjar Yoga Colourful Vibrant

About Ronak Gajjar

Intuitive Healer. Spiritual Mentor. Life Coach.

Ronak is a 32-year software engineer-turned-yogi shedding light through 20+ healing modalities and transforming the lives of more than 1 million ‘spiritual-finders’ globally. With an experience of a decade, he has touched 6 million lives through the online platform, corporates & specially designed programmes for CEOs & Entrepreneurs.

His certification incorporates 1000+ hours of International Teacher Training courses ERYT 500 Hrs from renowned institutes & yoga shalas.

His search for spirituality started at the age of 2 and this is where his journey as an integrated Wellness Coach, Meditation Mentor & Business strategist started. He is striving to help those who seek help to reach their highest potential, deepen their spiritual connection (starting with self) and living a high-vibration life.

A Master Yoga Teacher, Ronak has been teaching yoga over a decade now and has taught over 100,000 clients in India & Dubai. With many workshops an yoga retreats to his credits his emphasis has always been that his students have an enriching experience of Yoga & Meditation in every session they attend.

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From Ronak Gajjar, world-famous Intuitive Healer who has transformed the lives of 1 million spiritual seekers globally.