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Mental Health Awareness
In recent studies, it has been shown that there has been a rise in the cases of depression, especially among the youth. The reason for such a drastic rise can include, lack of  educational, financial and career growth, unhappy relationships and so on. A rise in lifestyle has also increased the expectations of people, due to which there are times when not all needs can be fulfilled. This triggers a lot of anxiety and stress which leads to depression.
Whether it’s a school going kid or a CEO of a company, every individual at some point is witnessing this stress. Another reason of depression is also isolation. There are people who  suddenly isolate themselves, as they do not wish to interact with the outside world.  There could be various reasons  behind it like a sudden  financial depreciation, a relationship failure or even rejection. This makes  people who are highly sensitive to isolate themselves and at times, even get suicidal.  Some also start taking drugs, alcohol or become chain smokers  to calm themselves, as they feel its the best option to deal with current situation.
Being a therapist I do come across many  cases where such people find to difficult to express themselves or share their feelings, as they have lot of fear of being judged or criticized. They feel a lack of support. All they want is a supportive listening ear that can understand them and help them come out of  this depression.
It could anyone around us who might be going through such trauma.  Don’t ignore them, try to help and motivate them as much as you can. Accompany  or guide them to some good healers, therapists or counselors who can help them. Remember, anyone can be a victim of depression. All  we need is to  be more compassionate towards ourselves and others.  It is very essential to treat depression on time.
Here are few things one can do to cope with depression, anxiety or stress i.e.
*Breath work
*Drawing or painting
*Nature Baths
* Sound healing
* Connecting with nature
* Speaking to a healer or therapist and seeking guidance from them.
*Learning to be more in your present
I am a Wellness & Meditation Coach. I also undertake sound therapies for mental relaxation.  I am here to help those who wish  to help themselves. If you are looking for guidance you can contact me.
~ Ronak Gajjar

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