How to Stay Mentally Healthy During the Coronavirus Pandemic | Ronak Gajjar

There’s a lot of suggestions floating right now about how to keep yourself physically healthy during the coronavirus pandemic such as sanitizing your hands, practicing social distancing & alot more.

Here are my take away

1) Maintain Social Connections

Simply call up your friends on a video call or family if you are staying alone or far away from home.

2) Live in the present, and trust yourself 

Being in present moment can be a bliss. It’s quite easy to get to guided meditation these days & follow the steps.
3) Keep the Big Picture in Mind
The Big picture is world doesn’t end at corona. Maybe you’ll be telling the story of how you survived social distancing or how you managed to get through this time financially.
Finally, remember that you will be OK.
Make your mental health a top priority during times of stress & uncertainty.
God Bless

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