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Sound healing is one of the ancient powerful process that is practiced globally. It’s a practice that uses vibrations relax your mind and body.
My journey with sound healing has been one of the wonderful experience and I have been practicing since last 8 years.  Sound healing therapy helps one to heal physically, emotionally and mentally.
Benefits of Sound Healing therapy include:
*lowers stress
*decreases mood swings
*lowers blood pressure
*lowers cholesterol levels
*lowers risk for coronary artery disease and *stroke
*improves sleep
With the help of sound therapy one can heal and balance their chakras. Basically we have seven major chakras. When our energies centers are not in alignment we witness health issue, depression, stress, emotional trauma, financial blockages and so on.
With help of sound healing we heal and balance our chakra because with the sound wave we open up the Chakra and remove all the unwanted toxic energies from all. With regular sound therapy I have seen them recovering, getting back to self and also their vibrational frequency improves.
Sound Healing helps in  releasing fear and grief, loneliness and depression, cleansing unwanted emotions, also helps in healing physical ailments, aches, pains and many more serious chronic disease.
Many sound healers or therapist use different instruments during healing sessions like Tibetan bowls, gongs, tuning forks, hand drums and so on.
I take personal sessions as well as group sessions and if you wish  experience of sound healing therapy, you can book your sessions with me on the below link
~ Ronak Gajjar

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