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My journey as a  yogi  made me go deep in the introspection of yoga aasans and pranayama. The practice of Yoga dates back to 7000 years  or more, with a deep science and wisdom to it. Yoga is about bringing yourself back into your physical, emotional and mental alignment and connecting back to your core.  In ancient times, the rishis and  munis practiced yoga near the river banks. They believed yoga is a sadhna that needs to be done with dedication. According to them, every aasan or yoga pose had a deep scientific connection with our physical, emotional and mental body.
 One can say that this is a deep meditation with your own body, connecting to every moment, with every breath that you inhale & exhale. Yoga helps you to strength your physical body,   increases muscle flexibility and makes your immune system strong. Whenever you do a aasna, your focus is entirely on the body movement.  Better still, it  makes you feel your body and your skin. It helps you to increase your focus and concentration. Thats why, yoga is a meditation with  open eyes.
Maximum of us don’t breath correctly.
 This realization struck when you actually start  practicing pranyama. With regular practice, I have seen a huge shift within my clients and students. Pranyam basically flushes out all the toxic energies from our body and we inhale positive prana from nature. Many have felt energized,  became more healthy, positive and felt peace from within.  With regular pranyama and yoga one can recover from anxiety, depression, chronic illness, high blood pressure and so on. Proper breath work brings you back into your awareness. In short, now you are consciously breathing and feeling your breath.
Yoga & pranyam should be done in the  open  admist nature, as it helps you to get closer with self and nature. You feel this oneness with nature. Its bring your body soul & mind in alignment.
~Ronak Gajjar

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